Mazorca Colombiana

Exclusive to Macondo, this is the real deal - genuine maize imported from Colombia. This corn cob is not sweet, but savoury, with a starchier flavour, richer textures and larger whiter kernels. Macondo makes the classic Colombian corn cob or mazorca, grilled, margarine (olive oil) and salted. Yum! Mazorca is commonly found on any street in Colombia, freshly grilled by street vendors and served with butter and salt. A delicious eat! Maize is one of the world's oldest domesticated crop. Studies find that more than 10,000 years ago , there is evidence of its domestication in Mexico. Maize cultivation was dispersed south from Mexico around 6000BC where its cultivation became widespread in the inter-Andean valleys of Colombia. The word maize comes from the Caribbean Indigenous Taino word for the plant, mahiz. The six varieties of corn not only provide a widely eaten staple, but it is used for animal fodder and distillation for alcohol and biofuel.


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