Not currently available -Macondo Kitchen Rules MKR

Cook & Compete & Laugh - Macondo Kitchen Rules - Looking for the best group experience ever with your friends, colleagues or customers? Get your group together. Come along to Macondo for the most delicious & exclusive night of delights and laughter. A most authentic MKR, Macondo Kitchen Rules makes cooking & competing fun. Split into teams, make & serve your spectacular plate. Then you sit down to eat the next team's plate. The group diners decide the MKR champion team who take home a special prize. Guided by Latin Chefs, you will learn the essence of Colombian cuisine through eight distinctive degustation plates. Wines are paired. Capture the flavours of Andean El Dorado, the Amazonian jungles & down to the Caribbean. Finish the magical evening with a fine single-origin Colombian coffee to satiate the senses. Pick your group, your date, time &