Tejo - The Colombian Indigenous Game with a bang!

Tejo or Turmeque is the traditional sport of Colombia, an Indigenous game, more than 5 centuries old.  At Macondo, we offer Mini Tejo, a smaller version of the original game. The lanes are shorter, with only one tabla in one direction. BUY TICKETS HERE. In order to play, you need the tejos. Rent a box of tejos here.  The money is refunded on return. 
Tejo involves having fun in a group, eating, drinking, laughing. Bring your friends & have some fun!
Tejo is hard work so ORDER your food here.
Drinks are available in the drinks fridge inside the door.  
Mini Tejo involves a box of clay at the end of an alley, and mechas or small explosives in the clay to receive the impact of the TEJO or heavy cast-iron round weight. The players throw the tejo at the clay and it it lands on a mecha (small explosive target), the loud bang means a win.  Players use the scoreboards at the end of the alley to keep score. How to Play Tejo   Watch some videos on how to play.  Lonely Planet or Anthony Bourdain or Travel is Life or The Wonton Don.   If Tejo is not your thing, play some RANA!